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Meet the Artists in "Wonderland"

Terry Rodgers

Terry Rodgers is an internationally recognized artist who has worked and lived in Washington, DC, Massachusetts, and Ohio. Rodgers' current work focuses on portraying contemporary body politics. His rendering of an imaginary leisure life stands as an iconic vision of the tensions and confusions endemic to today's society. These images are not snapshots or slices of life, but rather a compression and dissection of our rampant imaginations and mediated influences. The seductive and marvelous glamour of the outer world jars against the vulnerability and delicacy of our inner and private selves.


Magnus Juliano

Magnus Juliano is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary artist, multifaceted designer and creative director. With minimal education in graphic design, Magnus is proudly self-taught in all other disciplines including photography, mixed media art, and fashion and accessory design. Innovation is at the forefront of the work that Magnus creates. Work that navigates the intersections of race, culture, identity, history, and the future. He hopes to inspire paradigm shifting conversation.


Brianna Gluszak

Gluszak's work utilizes various playful motifs, captivating color schemes, and gendered forms and materials. She often exploits the hard-edged masculine gallery architecture as well as the phallus form to transform the assumed gender of an object or space through the transition and translation of color. Blurring the visual descriptors associated with femininity and masculinity through glassmaking, textiles, and installation.


Jason Morgan

Having been recognized as an established and accomplished portrait artist for the past decade, Morgan currently finds his artistic direction moving toward contemporary still life painting rendered in a hyper-realistic style. Judiciously choosing his still life objects, he cleverly juxtaposes unusual items such as produce, worn toys and vintage glass objects to produce thought-provoking compositions and narratives. 


Gavin Benjamin

Gavin Benjamin is a multifaceted artist who combines original analog photography and appropriated images with collage, paint, and varnish to create rich and luxurious works that call back to baroque traditions while incorporating  elements of current culture to provoke, critique, and explore. Benjamin investigates the intersection of culture, media, politics, fashion, and design, addressing questions that (continue to) confront a man of color in America today. 


Caitlin Cartwright

Caitlin Cartwright is a social change artist whose vibrant narrative works combine painting, drawing, and collage to explore the stories that connect people across cultures. Although her intimate works deal with themes of loss and isolation, each piece contains elements of community, comfort, and hope. Many years spent living and working with vulnerable populations in locales such as Madagascar, Namibia, and India, influence both the emotional and geographical scope of her work.


Gabriel Pozzo

Gabriel Pozzo is a self-taught artist who was born in Washington, D.C., but relocated with his family to Caracas, Venezuela soon after. Drawing has accompanied Gabriel since he was very young, providing both solace in times of leisure and purpose in times of austerity. His propensity for drawing developed into a preference for storytelling. 
Pozzo’s oil paintings present a contemporary slant on figure painting and domestic scenes. The artist presents partially clothed figures rendered in a Classical style, but they often take on a Surrealist or dream-like feel, as they hover above a mattress or are swathed in blue.


Cat Ramos

Originally from Los Angeles, her family moved to Ohio when she was 7. Being one of the first minority families in her neighborhood, she had no idea the impact she would make. Having a strong sense of pride in her heritage, she calls herself “Mexi-Dorian as her father is Mexican and her mother is Salvadorian. Her work is heavily inspired by her culture, along with her brother, who passed away 15 years ago