Terry Schmitter

Terry Schmitter’s work evokes the organic quality of Henry Moore’s figurative sculpture.  Like Moore, many of Terry’s abstracted forms are inspired by the sensual and familiar quality of the female figure.  Schmitter sculpts with a broad range of materials, from exotic lava rock, hardy wild cherry to more familiar elmwood.  Frequently, he chooses found wood on his rural property, continually inspired by the landscape that surrounds his home and studio.  Instead of working from planned drawings or maquettes, Schmitter develops his sculptures more spontaneously. He responds to the unique qualities of the materials which are highlighted in the final works. While many of his sculptures are created by a subtractive process by carving and removing material, Schmitter also makes molds to develop casts.  For example, in Female Form, Schmitter created the piece by digging a hole in the ground, and then pouring the material into the earthy mold.   The hourglass shape of Female Form and unique and primitive process of creating the cast, convey the timeless relationship between the female figure and landscape.