Stuart Fink

Long-time Cincinnati resident Stuart Fink is best known as a sculptor whose public works can be found throughout Cincinnati and the state of Ohio. Though Fink takes inspiration from the Cubist work of Picasso, as well as contemporaries such as David Smith, he has his own signature whimsical style, creating playful assemblages of geometric forms often inspired by figurative and urban landscape elements. He uses a variety of mediums for his sculptures, including wood, bronze, and concrete, but he is also known for his works on paper. 

Using colored pencil, he explores the two-dimensional aspects of the same geometric shapes used in his sculptures, creating colorful compositions that express movement and balance between lines, planes, angles, and negative space.  Fink received his Bachelor of Arts in 1971 and his Master’s of Fine Art in 1973, both from the University of Cincinnati, where he went on to teach evening courses. While his public works can be found throughout Ohio, his smaller works have been exhibited in a variety of local spaces as well as nationally at the Sculpture Center in New York City and the Henri Gallery in Washington, DC.