Parking Meters:

  • The length of N. High Street (from Nationwide Boulevard to Fifth Avenue)
  • On Park Street (from Buttles Avenue to Vine Street)
  • On Goodale Street (West of Park Street) bordering Goodale Park
  • Around the North Market
  • Pearl Alley (from Hubbard Ave up to 1st Ave)

No quarters? No problem! All meters in the District accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover.

City Lots:

  • 1155 N. High Street (by Skully’s Music Diner)

Garages and additional parking:

  • Pizzuti Garage on Russell Street
  • The Hub Garage at 20 E. Hubbard Street
  • Goodale St. Parking Garage / Convention Center east of High Street
  • Arena District off Nationwide Boulevard