Jane Carney


Jane Carney is a Chicago-based artist and teacher who works in large-scale mixed media. She has a Master's degree in Art Education from Loyola University in Chicago and a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from St. Mary’s College in Indiana. She has exhibited extensively in juried shows throughout the United States, including Chicago, New York City, West Palm Beach, and Columbus. In addition to working in her studio, Jane is the Visual Arts Coordinator at Loyola Academy, a private arts high school, in Wilmette, Illinois. An excerpt from her artist statement is below. 

"I play.  In the process, ideas and images emerge.  I am interested in the relationship of freedom and structure.  I am interested in communicating the physical experience of making my paintings and collages.  This process and the physical quality of my work is an important part of the final product. Experimentation, improvisation and risk-taking are ways in which I approach the canvas. I try to retain a playfulness and spontaneity.  However I initiate the surface, a dialogue begins.  It is a conversation, a back and forth of visual bantering.  This allows me to work with disparate ideas that evolve from personal experiences and the world around me."