Jacci Delaney

Jacci Delaney graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2008, receiving her BFA with a specialization in glass and a BA in Art History.  She moved to Columbus from Peoria, IL where she worked at Toraason Glass. Her work is geared towards the beauty of life, especially the very bodies that makes every single living thing. Starting with her thesis in glass at SIUC, Jacci has been Fossilizing fish and animals in glass for two years now. When she attended SIUC, she kept experimenting to fuse fish in glass.  Her experimenting paid off, as she became the first person to ever fuse a whole fish or animal in glass, which leaves the skeleton perfectly intact. Delaney pushes these ideas  and technical aspects of fusing continually in this new and intriguing work, which will lead to bigger works using bigger animals. Any of the fish or animals she uses come from the pet store that have already deceased.  Through her art, they may live forever.

 Jacci Delaney has had several solo exhibitions for her art.  She had two solo exhibitions at SIUC, “Icebergs: Hidden Depths” in 2007 and “Departed and Preserved” in 2008.  Third Degree Glass Factory in St. Louis held her exhibition, “Fossilizations” in 2010. In her new home here in Columbus, she has already had two more solo exhibitions.  Her shows “The Specter of Sentimentality,” and “Fragile Goods: The Art of Jacci Delaney” were held in EASE Gallery.  In addition to her solo shows, she has participated in a large number of group exhibitions.  At the Ohio State University, she has participated in Holofest various times, and has been a part of several different Graduate shows at as well.  In addition, she has involved herself a great deal with Glass Axis in Columbus.  Not only has she participated in group exhibitions here in Ohio, but she has also contributed to many in other states as well.