Upcoming Exhibitions

Kendric Tonn: Songs in Red and Blue and Gold

Join us for an opening reception March 10th from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.

On view through April 2nd

Classically trained painter Kendric Tonn brings a fresh and distinctive perspective to traditional subjects as an artist working today. His most recent body of oil paintings consists of nude figures, and of still-lifes both austere and playful.  In the figurative work, the human form takes center stage, represented with impressive anatomical accuracy.  The flesh tones of his sitters conjure the works of such significant painters as John Singer Sargent, Rembrandt and Albert Moore.  Beyond simple depictions, Tonn aims to convey the models’ anima: their internal lives and sense of self. In Tonn’s own words, he is always interested in “creating a sympathetic engagement with another human being.”

Of the more than twenty new works, Tonn will also showcase a selection of exquisite still lifes.  The structured arrangement of the objects, intentionally placed hues, and dramatic lighting assert significance to the inanimate items.  Like a musician, Tonn weaves these disparate elements throughout his works, creating lyrical compositions imbued with a studied connection to his chosen subjects.

Past Exhibitions

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October 2016








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May-June 2016




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with Cody Heichel and Natalia Arbelaez

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Janet Grissom and Yan Sun

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April 2015







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December 2014








Curt Butler: Echoes of Place

November 2014







Mark Gingerich: Atmosphere and Light

October 2014







Reality Reimagined
Kendric Tonn, Jason Morgan, and Bernard Palchick

May 2014



Defining Presence: 
Rob Anderson and Winnie Sidharta Ambron

February 2014