Bernard Palchick

Myth and Ritual (Representational Paintings)

The observable world – the vastness of landscapes, the structure of a mountain, the feather pattern of bird’s wing, the play of light on translucent glass – is my muse.  Painting from direct observation is an energizing process of comprehension, of being mesmerized, and of being possess by the joy of looking and looking again.  I have always relied on, and have taken great joy from the direct observation of nature and the celebration of beauty found in the smallest of details.  Beyond shear joy, intense observation keeps my eye and mind fluent in the visual language.

Ideas about myth and ritual serve as a core concept of the imagery in my paintings.  The objects I choose along with the odd juxtapositions of those objects are attempts to playfully/joyfully answer questions about the magic of the things – trees, rocks, string, marbles, animals, moutains, clouds.  Personal myths and rituals enable us to achieve comfort with and some control of the mysteries we discover in our lives.

I want these paintings to draw the observer into the world of the painting to discover the magical beauty in the details and to invent their own myths and rituals suggested by the imagery.