Michael Tizzano


“My attempt, with each one of my sculptures, is to articulate our human form with a reverence and sensitivity, and to share with the viewer a glimpse of our human condition, one that could elicit a response of joyous celebration of humanity, or one of spiritual completeness.  I see my sculpture as poetry without words.”   Mike Tizzano

Michael Tizzano, an Ohio native, is primarily known for his figurative sculptures depicting dancers and children.  His love for sculpture grew out of his experiences as a child attending religious services, where he recalls an early interest in the church’s sanctuary of sculpted saints and angels.  Tizzano has been creating sculptures from early childhood but has worked professionally in this medium for over twenty years.  His studio is located in Westerville, Ohio while his work is collected and enjoyed throughout the country.  An artist and educator, Tizzano has taught in the classroom setting for over thirty years, sharing his love of art with students primarily in middle school.

Although most of his work is completed in the studio, Tizzano appreciates the opportunity to interact with the public while creating a sculpture.  Working quickly, Tizzano transforms lumps of clay into the figure of a child, a dancer, an animal or an individual’s portrait.  Energized by the engagement with the public, Tizzano gathers a crowd while creating and enjoys answering curious on-lookers about his graceful sculptures.  He also responds to the frequent inquiries about the process of forming with clay and bronze casting.  In addition to the bronze figures, his clay works are also painted to mimic bronze and offer an accessible alternative to collectors.

Michael Tizzano Archive